First Step Class December 8th 10:00 am – Noon

Want to know more about Rehoboth?
Want to know how to get connected at Rehoboth?
What to know how to join Rehoboth?
We want to help you every step of the way.
The First Step Class is where you start.
In this class you will learn more about the church, its purpose, and how to pursue the next steps of discipleship, membership, and finding a place to serve in the church. After this class you will know the next steps to take.

The First Step Class is offered once a quarter and is required for membership at Rehoboth. First Step will be taught by PG. The next class will be Saturday, December 8th 10:00 am-Noon. Anyone interested in attending is encouraged to use a connection card, located in the pew rack, and place it in the offering plate or the box in the guest area of the front foyer. You may also call the church office at (912)739-3231.